Definition of superior conjunction in English:

superior conjunction


  • A conjunction of Mercury or Venus with the sun, when the planet and the earth are on opposite sides of the sun.

    • ‘Mercury reaches superior conjunction, opposite Earth in its solar orbit, on the 3rd and passes from the morning to the evening sky.’
    • ‘The planet reaches superior conjunction on the 17th, making it invisible in the solar glare as it passes behind the Sun.’
    • ‘Mercury cannot be seen during most of February because it is on the other side of the Sun relative to Earth: the innermost planet reaches superior conjunction on the 14th.’
    • ‘Studies of the motions of Venus as it neared inferior and superior conjunctions - passing on our side and on the far side of the Sun - helped validate the heliocentric model of the cosmos.’
    • ‘Venus, which reached superior conjunction with the Sun on March 31, remains essentially hidden deep in the glow of sunset all month.’