Definition of superintend in English:



[with object]
  • Be responsible for the management or arrangement of (an activity or organization); oversee.

    ‘he superintended a land reclamation scheme’
    • ‘Possibly the son of a Hampshire serf, he entered royal service and superintended the rebuilding of Windsor castle.’
    • ‘Three young nuns, all sisters-in-law of his sons, superintended the staff of twenty-five teachers on the payroll, and they took his surname as theirs under vows.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is argued, even the liberal state has a considerable stake in superintending the conditions under which children are raised.’
    • ‘The superintending engineers were the engineering heads of districts and controlled a number of projects within divisions commanded by junior executive engineers.’
    • ‘The superintending engineer should also have on his establishment a staff officer of captain/major rank to handle the office routine and initial audit of accounts from the resident engineers.’
    • ‘Yet again, however, the case was amply made for British and Commonwealth title fights to be superintended by a panel of three judges rather than just the referee.’
    • ‘In order to make the laundry first class, the directors sent a senior engineer from the United States to superintend construction work.’
    • ‘The bailiff managed the property of the manor and superintended its cultivation.’
    • ‘He trained at Edinburgh, went to the Royal College of Surgeons and then moved to superintend the natural history collections of the British Museum in Bloomsbury.’
    • ‘Once a project was budgeted and approved by the chief engineer, the plans were submitted by means of the superintending engineer to the executive engineer for implementation.’
    • ‘This is an invitation to invite the army and police to superintend the electoral process.’
    • ‘Like the proconsuls of ancient Rome, the viceroy governed, administered, judged, superintended the royal treasury, was commander in chief of the army, and the vice patron of the church.’
    • ‘Supervised by a team of 28 youth leaders and six volunteers from the St Anne's community, all the activities were carefully superintended.’
    • ‘This made it possible to centralize the stone cutters and dressers with the rest of the labor force, thus making it easier to superintend the entire process.’
    • ‘Once more, the government had been drawn in to organize and superintend a national scheme of poor relief, and ancillary codes of practice governing geographical mobility, house building, and the promotion of overseas trade.’
    • ‘He was the only exclusive manufacturer of mill picks in this country, bought only the best English cast steel from Sheffield, and employed only competent and careful workmen whom he personally superintended.’
    • ‘He is paid for his knowledge and his ability to superintend and direct the work of those placed under him.’
    • ‘It has superintended two general elections, two municipal elections and numerous by-elections.’
    • ‘The job of these officials was to superintend the other monks and nuns.’
    • ‘The War Industries Board, though shunning full-scale state control, exercised unprecedented powers in organizing and stimulating production and superintended remarkable feats of miltary-industrial output.’
    supervise, oversee, be in charge of, be in control of, preside over, direct, administer, manage, run, look after, be responsible for, govern, operate, conduct, handle, steer, pilot
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Early 17th century: from ecclesiastical Latin superintendere, translating Greek episkopein.