Definition of superincumbent in English:



  • Lying on something else.

    ‘the crushing effect of the superincumbent masonry’
    • ‘The patient could not breathe because of superincumbent weight, Dionne remembered.’
    • ‘As they form the upper strata of the atmosphere, with very little pressure from superincumbent air, that current which is in any degree lighter than the other rises and rides over it, compressing and forcing down the other; and this process of one stratum gliding over another is being constantly renewed by fresh air pressing on behind from the opposite sides.’
    • ‘The precipitate, after standing for some hours, is freed from the superincumbent water by decanting, and the sediment is completely dried on blotting-paper, on which other blotting-paper is laid, and weights laid on it, until all moisture is removed.’
    • ‘It is much more probable to suppose, that the sea had washed away the relics of the broken and disordered strata, before those that are now superincumbent had been begun to be deposited.’
    • ‘These would penetrate the lower course at selected points halfway through the block, as well as into the superincumbent stone of the course above.’