Definition of superhet in English:



  • short for superheterodyne
    • ‘All simple direct conversion receiver designs suffer from degraded selectivity performance and are more subject to overload by contrasted to even modest superhet designs.’
    • ‘This circuit evolved from the desire to have transceiver operation when using my homebrew superhet receivers.’
    • ‘Early superhets used frequencies of around 100kHz whilst later sets used around 465kHz. There was one major disadvantage however.’
    • ‘There were four superhets and three cheaper T.R.F. receivers.’
    • ‘A few tried to skirt these laws, but the vast majority of superhets were built from scratch or from kits with additional parts.’
    • ‘The typical approach both SDRs and superhets have to solve this problem is to make the receiver more deaf.’
    • ‘Most of these ‘Two Transistor’ jobs were not superhets at all even though they used similar components.’
    • ‘In the superhet or superheterodyne radio, the received signal enters one input of the mixed.’
    • ‘From the late Fifties through the mid-Sixties their beginner's superhet was called the SimpleX Super, a 3-tube affair designed to cover just the 80M and 40M amateur bands.’
    • ‘Previously, I had built the Lindsay superhet, which was a tremendous learning experience.’
    • ‘This was one of the first commercially produced British superhets and was several years ahead of its time.’
    • ‘As part of the marketing effort they issued a circuit for a 2 waveband superhet using 6K8,6K7,6Q7 and a 6V6 valve with the HT derived from a metal rectifier.’