Definition of supergravity in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • Gravity as described or predicted by a supersymmetric quantum field theory.

    • ‘Before string theory won the full attention of the theoretical physics community, the most popular unified theory was an eleven dimensional theory of supergravity, which is supersymmetry combined with gravity.’
    • ‘His groundbreaking work in the areas of superstring theory, supersymmetry and supergravity has made him a leading expert on the topic.’
    • ‘Lurking in the 11 th dimension was an entirely new theory which could reduce down to 11 dimensional supergravity as well as 10 dimensional string theory and p-brane theory.’
    • ‘The dream of a theory that would allow calculation of scattering to arbitrary accuracy led people to reject quantum general relativity, and supergravity, on the grounds that they were non-renormalizable.’
    • ‘If global supersymmetry doesn't work, then what about local supersymmetry, i.e. supergravity?’