Definition of supergalaxy in English:



  • another term for supercluster
    • ‘It is believed that dark matter predominates in galaxies and supergalaxies, and is the key to understanding how galaxies form and how the large structure of the cosmos is created.’
    • ‘The role of galaxy destruction by merging, leading to a new supergalaxy, has been underappreciated until recently.’
    • ‘Astronomy extends from the tiny moons around Mars to vast supergalaxies billions of light years away, worm - holes, and tachyons.’
    • ‘Galaxies are also seen in the process of swinging through each other, colliding and sometimes merging to form a supergalaxy.’
    • ‘A few billion years from now, the Milky Way and Andromeda will likely tidally interact in a collision or near-collision to form a possible star-burst supergalaxy, later maturing into a giant elliptical galaxy.’