Definition of superfusion in English:



mass nounPhysiology
  • The technique of running a stream of liquid over the surface of a piece of suspended tissue, keeping it viable and allowing observation of the interchange of substances.

    • ‘The cause of the time-dependent loss of dye signal and increase in frequency of fluctuations remains unclear, but might be attributable to the washout of some key extra-mitochondrial factor during superfusion.’
    • ‘In guard cells, artificial repetitive transients were produced by superfusion of epidermal strips with depolarizing and hyperpolarizing buffers.’
    • ‘Light attenuation was measured in ventricular slab preparations cut through the center of the perfused area, exposing the cut transmural edge, and placed back in the superfusion chamber.’
    • ‘In this set of experiments, ‘releasability’ was assessed by a bath superfusion protocol instead of optical tweezers.’
    • ‘Increasing the extracellular concentration of ammonium in whole-cell superfusion increases the intracellular alkalosis.’