Definition of superfast in English:



  • Extremely fast.

    ‘a superfast broadband connection’
    ‘superfast passenger trains’
    ‘download speeds in Britain’s 50 biggest cities still aren’t superfast’
    • ‘High powered and superfast, this network service is meant to be a testing ground for advanced applications.’
    • ‘Consumers would benefit from superfast internet access through their televisions, endless television channels, and reduced rate phone calls.’
    • ‘We have the complete audio and video presentations archived in our super-fast media server.’
    • ‘The chip will be far speedier than current processors and offer more realistic graphics and superfast game-playing over networks.’
    • ‘The final drum culmination and superfast guitar playing at the end of the song is simply out of this world.’
    • ‘If you have a superfast dual-processor computer, the plug-in's processing requirements won't be that big of a deal.’
    • ‘Downloading a movie is still a clunky affair that can take a few hours, and only 27 % of the country's 66 million online homes have the superfast broadband connections to do it.’
    • ‘To meet the growing demand for greater bandwidth, the company will make super-fast broadband more widely available.’
    • ‘The service is not superfast and that's OK!’
    • ‘The company is rolling out a $13 billion capital investment plan to bring superfast fiber-optic cable to all of its customers.’
    • ‘If your wireless demands include sending full-motion videos and other intensive multimedia fast, the company offers an array of wireless networking products to build super-fast networks.’