Definition of supereminence in English:



  • See supereminent

    • ‘Whence he is said to have supereminence over all other superiors.’
    • ‘This could best be effected if the members of the administration realised their equality with the citizens, with the only supereminence of justice.’
    • ‘Let's leave supereminence to the supereminent - you and I deserve no such glorious name, we'd be happy serving in the King's kitchen as go-fors or woodcarriers, and if he chooses to include us in his cabinet that's a matter for him.’
    • ‘Judas does not become a critic, he does not even become a Pharisee; he becomes a supereminent traitor, just because of the supereminence of the Person he once adored.’
    • ‘Several gentlemen's sons, who had shown an inclination to engage in a seafaring life, were put under my care, for the purpose of being early initiated into the knowledge of a profession which requires length of experience, rather than supereminence of genius.’