Definition of supercool in English:



[with object]Chemistry
  • 1Cool (a liquid) below its freezing point without solidification or crystallization.

    ‘the melt usually has to be supercooled by about 5 to 20 kelvins’
    ‘the solvent is cooled slowly with continuous stirring to minimize supercooling’
    • ‘Only four ship terminals capable of handling imports of supercooled liquid natural gas exist in the U.S., and they're at full capacity.’
    • ‘The crystallization experiments were performed from 20°C to - 80°C since water molecules in confined spaces and/or adjacent to surfaces can be supercooled to very low temperatures.’
    • ‘Other common supercooled liquids are ordinary glass and asphalt.’
    • ‘We observed that in the spinning rotor water could be supercooled by several degrees below the freezing point.’
    • ‘As water passes through the tube, tiny amounts of glass - itself a supercooled liquid - ‘dissolve’ into the water.’
    1. 1.1Biology no object (of a living organism) survive body temperatures below the freezing point of water.
      ‘the ability of these insects to supercool can be seriously affected by bacteria’
      • ‘Hatchling painted turtles commonly overwinter within their natal nests and survive exposure to temperatures as low as - 12 [degrees] C by supercooling.’
      • ‘Strategies that allow plants to survive freezing temperatures have been placed into two major categories: those plants that exhibit deep supercooling characteristics and those that exhibit extracellular freezing.’
      • ‘These plants exhibited reduced supercooling capacity, which caused them to freeze at warmer subzero temperatures compared to the controls.’
      • ‘Incidental observations made during the course of this investigation suggested that hatchling C. picta can survive supercooling to at least - 15 [degrees] C.’
      • ‘The differences in supercooling capacities were attributed to interpopulational variation in cold hardiness, as putatively manifested by the presence of an ‘endogenous nucleator,’ in the Illinois turtles.’


  • Extremely attractive, impressive, or calm.

    ‘the supercool tracks in this collection’
    • ‘She's supercool and super-beautiful but she's super-street too.’
    • ‘A truism these days among Internet angels and venture capitalists holds that a stellar management team is worth more than a supercool business plan.’
    • ‘I loved the laid-back, but still supercool environment.’
    • ‘In the late 1940s, D' Amato bought a struggling Atlantic City restaurant with a backroom gambling operation, the 500 Club, and turned it into ‘ground zero for the supercool lifestyle.’’
    • ‘Create an ice pyramid of shots or just serve up some supercool toasting glasses.’
    • ‘So if your record collection is going to be the supercool soundtrack to your life that you need it to be, somebody - SOMEBODY - has to have considered that fact before they made it.’
    • ‘Or ‘Here's a movie that both academics bundled in film theories and teenagers on hot dates will find supercool.’’