Definition of supercluster in English:



  • A cluster of galaxies which themselves occur as clusters.

    • ‘In 2001, a massive supercluster of galaxies 500-million light years in length was found 6.5-billion light years from Earth.’
    • ‘By the time the universe was half a million years old, matter had begun to coalesce into the blobs that later became galaxy clusters and superclusters; during its next half million years the universe grew by 50 percent.’
    • ‘It is no coincidence that superclusters of galaxies are roughly of this size; they result from this resounding cosmic fanfare.’
    • ‘Many significant advances in astrophysics during the past sixty years, however, have involved our own Milky Way galaxy, as well as our local supercluster of galaxies and the structure of the universe as a whole.’
    • ‘Yet galaxy superclusters owe their very existence to what physicists call ‘quantum fluctuations ‘- very slight non-uniformities that generally pertain only to things as small as atoms and molecules.’’