Definition of supercell in English:



  • A large slow-moving area of updraught and downdraught which causes violent thunderstorms, heavy hail, and tornadoes.

    • ‘This disturbance provides the strong vertical wind shear that gives an updraft its twisting motion, turning a normal thunderstorm into a potentially tornado spawning supercell.’
    • ‘The supercell gets its rotation by tilting the winds; this causes the cell to grow faster and stronger.’
    • ‘These state-of-the-art detection units allow forecasters to peek inside a supercell and look for a Tornado Vortex Signature, or TVS.’
    • ‘In a strong supercell, like the one that hovered over Thayer and Hamilton counties Sunday night, hail develops and moves up and down in the center of the cell until it becomes so heavy it falls to the ground.’
    • ‘As mentioned earlier, a type of thunderstorm called a supercell creates the strongest tornadoes.’