Definition of superbike in English:



  • A high-performance motorcycle.

    • ‘With its high-tech materials, quick reflexes and smooth ride, this bike feels every bit as responsive as any of the big-buck superbikes on the market.’
    • ‘Despite the speeds he reached Alec, who is more used to riding 1,000 cc superbikes, was not worried about falling off.’
    • ‘The Toy Run is open to all motorcyclists from 50 cc scooters to 1500 cc superbikes and is not restricted to motorcycle club members.’
    • ‘Nowadays the touring cars and superbikes, the two premier spectator events of the year, provide less than half the circuit's income.’
    • ‘The full spectrum of motorcycle history will be on display from the humble vintage cyclemotor through to the superbikes of today.’
    • ‘I am fairly superstitious, and the fact that I was left with an injury that only stopped me from riding superbikes, and not from doing anything else, made me think it was meant to be.’
    • ‘How many people have you seen lately riding the latest superbike on a hot sunny day, wearing a T-shirt, track pants and runners?’
    • ‘The superbike brakes are superb with just the right feel during emergency braking.’
    • ‘The expo will feature classic, vintage, sports, touring and cruiser bikes, as well as a number of superbikes.’
    • ‘Since they changed the rules on grand prix bikes, basically allowing them to be the same as superbikes, a lot of people were predicting the end of the sport.’
    • ‘I've been on runs with some of the lads on superbikes and the machine just leaves them for dead round corners.’
    • ‘On 600s you are also allowed only a small amount of adjustments, whereas in superbikes you're allowed an infinite number.’
    • ‘The former world superbike champion was placed 339, 36 places down on his standing last year.’
    • ‘The superbike series will also be the fastest race series to come to the Mondello circuit for many years, with bikes expected to top 180 mph.’
    • ‘But crucially for a superbike rider, this also means that you will receive some of the finest equipment.’
    • ‘But I make it up when two superbikes decide they'll cut me up, and we effortlessly keep pace as they attempt to shoot off into the distance.’