Definition of superabundance in English:



  • See superabundant

    • ‘Their ruthless exploitation was guided by the myth of superabundance: the belief that water, soil, forests, wildlife and fisheries were inexhaustible.’
    • ‘Or was I supposed to admire it as a superabundance of vitality for which I was never going to be any match?’
    • ‘The superabundance of media is truly unprecedented, and so is the challenge that they pose to our autonomy as thinking individuals rather than just consumers.’
    • ‘The 33-page document, published on Tuesday, provided a superabundance of generalities and concepts, but remained abstract on firm spending targets.’
    • ‘In Finland, blessed with a superabundance of trees, wood has assumed the status of national material, its expressive and regenerative qualities forging a powerful connection with the Finnish psyche.’