Definition of sunshine roof in English:

sunshine roof


  • old-fashioned term for sunroof
    • ‘It was smooth, quiet, dignified and it had quite the largest sunshine roof I've ever seen.’
    • ‘If I had got stuck, my car came equipped with a convenient sunshine roof - a stylish means of exit.’
    • ‘Delivered over a two-year period between 1947 and 1949, they all had 31-seat coachwork and sliding sunshine roofs and were numbered 62-109.’
    • ‘The assembly may therefore be fitted quickly and easily, without the time and skill required in fitting sunshine roofs of conventional design.’
    • ‘The first one shows the state of the sunshine roof and explains why the wood frame had suffered.’
    • ‘There were pigs kept in a sty which had a sunshine roof that could be rolled back in good weather.’
    • ‘But of course these days, with aircon and climate control being omnipresent, only poor people driving old, naff cars have what were technically labelled, and to address them correctly - sunshine roofs.’
    • ‘A sliding sunshine roof was fitted (although it was not glazed like on earlier models), and the windscreen could also be opened for extra ventilation.’
    • ‘It slides right down to overlap the rear windscreen and it's much bigger than usual sunshine roofs.’
    • ‘The test boat was fitted with the £41,536 electrically operated sunshine roof, which opened and closed with the silky, almost silent precision you would expect for that sort of money.’
    • ‘There was also a sunshine roof bar and they played their music until 3.30 in the morning - it never went off at 12 when it was supposed to and the earliest time it ever went off was about 2.30 am.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you are looking for a saloon car with the ultimate sunshine roof expect to compromise.’
    • ‘And on top of them two pairs of sliding panels opened to slide down the roof curve to give the important sunshine roof.’
    • ‘Optional extras such as Automatic Transmission, Overdrive, Power assisted steering, radios, sunshine roofs and items such as seat bells, wing mirrors, fog lamps, radial tyres and healed rear windows, which contribute to the safety of the vehicle, are permitted.’
    • ‘The men got in and out of the car through the windows; later, when sunshine roofs came into vogue, they could also use the roof.’
    • ‘That's too much effort, especially as you could achieve much the same sensation by driving to work with your head out of the sunshine roof.’