Definition of sunroof in English:



  • A panel in the roof of a car that can be opened for extra ventilation.

    • ‘You will have to pay a little bit extra for metallic paint and alloys (and an electric sunroof also falls into the ‘optional’ category).’
    • ‘Both models come with alloy wheels, climate control and CD player as standard but it is worth forking out the extra €500 or so for the sunroof, as it is huge.’
    • ‘They want leather seats, lumbar support, and sturdy cup holders; younger buyers, meanwhile, list premium audio systems with CD changers and sunroofs as higher priorities.’
    • ‘You will have to pay extra for a sunroof and - this one is a bit of a puzzle - for rear centre three-point belts.’
    • ‘Six or seven cars were damaged, with bonnets dented, sunroofs smashed and scrapings on the sides of the cars.’
    • ‘But you will have to pay extra for the best option - twin electric sunroofs that will delight adults and children alike on a sunny day.’
    • ‘Depending on the model, the complaints range from faulty key fobs and leaky sunroofs to balky electronics that leave drivers and their passengers stranded.’
    • ‘Children can easily get sunburnt through open car windows and sunroofs, so make sure their arms and legs are covered with loose clothing, attach shades to the windows and apply a high factor sunscreen.’
    • ‘Buyers are snapping up options from navigation systems to sunroofs, ponying up as much as $35,000 for the cheeky little car.’
    • ‘The ‘as standard’ list is long, including tinted glass, a very good stereo, electric windows, remote central locking, air-con and electric sunroof.’
    • ‘Doors should be locked, windows closed and sunroofs shut when your car is unattended.’
    • ‘With everyone hanging out their windows or standing through their sunroofs, accompanied by the endless crowds of people on the streets, it was quite the scene.’
    • ‘These include a rain sensing system which will not only turn on the wipers, but also close the windows and the sunroof if they are open.’
    • ‘Lock all doors, windows, boots and sunroofs every time you leave your car, however briefly’
    • ‘And when we drive through town, I'll open the sunroof and we can all poke our heads out like in the movies.’
    • ‘If possible, try to keep windows and sunroofs closed especially at high speeds.’
    • ‘The interior features all of the utility-focused seating versatility that consumers expect in a crossover, and is topped off with one of the panoramic sunroofs that is all the rage in vehicle design lately.’
    • ‘It's fashionable, performs excellently, and came with two air bags and a sunroof.’
    • ‘The test model came with twin electrically operated sunroofs.’
    • ‘Every detail of the car is exactly as it would have been when new, down to the sliding sunroof, the very first of its kind.’