Definition of sunlit in English:



  • Illuminated by direct light from the sun.

    ‘clear sunlit waters’
    • ‘But for now, the garden is sunlit and, as ever at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, this play weaves its own summer magic as dusk turns to night and the moths take wing.’
    • ‘The sides of the buildings that are in shadow are rendered in subtly varied values of dove gray; the sunlit areas remain the untouched white of the gessoed ground.’
    • ‘In the sunlit river valley the new farms, wrested from the wilderness, and the grid of their fields, flourish in a benign, fertile, mappable landscape.’
    • ‘Phillipe's journey takes him through snow-covered mountain passes, deep shadowy forests, sunlit fields and crumbling ruins.’
    • ‘Paris has all the romantic associations you could hope for: sunlit walks by the Seine, picnics in the Jardins de Luxembourg, long conversations over a bottle of Bordeaux in a candlelit bar on the Left Bank.’
    • ‘Everything else is a little too gorgeous; she seldom duplicates the slight sense of danger and tension that weaves through her best work, instead infusing everything with the sunlit brilliance of a spring day.’
    • ‘Overall, the image seems to convey the nature of British weather conditions - muted sunlit passages and misty, cloudy periods - with accuracy.’
    • ‘Her sunlit profile blends with the fake lime-stone wall behind her.’
    • ‘Even the change in location from a gritty industrial city (Manchester, England) to a glossy, sunlit place like L.A. was a misstep that undermined the necessarily bleak tone.’
    • ‘He is sitting in the beautiful, sunlit gardens of Butler House, listening to another question.’
    • ‘A woman's sunlit face, neatly bisected by shadow, peeks from the window of a black Ford automobile.’
    • ‘In autumn, on the train to Pennsylvania, he placed his book face-down on the sunlit seat and it began to move.’
    • ‘It will survey the craters at the South Pole, something that has never been done before, and will map the Peak of Eternal Light, a mountain top that is permanently sunlit.’
    • ‘On top of that, the colors lack the richness and depth one expects, particularly during sunlit exterior shots, when the picture looks painfully washed out and faded.’
    • ‘The last autumn sunlight caught in the yellow leaves of the larches feels right in tone, and the transition from those sunlit passages to the darkness below is smooth.’
    • ‘While the sun will briefly dip behind some Antarctic peaks on New Year's Eve, most of the massive continent will remain continuously sunlit until February.’
    • ‘Cloudy, foggy, or rainy scenes are just as well rendered as sunlit ones.’
    • ‘Below, the sunlit fields and roads have dropped away, falling lower and lower until the houses blend in with the ground.’
    • ‘They designed their 2,300-square-foot home to be sunk into the hillside, leaving little sunlit land left for gardening.’
    fine, dry, bright, clear, sunny, sunshiny, cloudless, without a cloud in the sky
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