Definition of sungazer in English:



  • A burrowing colonial girdled lizard native to Africa, noted for apparently staring at the sun while basking.

    Cordylus giganteus, family Cordylidae

    Also called giant zonure
    • ‘Unlike sungazers, however, plated lizards are often seen in the pet trade.’
    • ‘When a predator enters the burrow, the sungazer retreats backwards toward the mouth, lashing its spiny tail from one side to side.’
    • ‘If anyone is breeding or legally importing sungazer lizards please contact me, I am very interested in them.’
    • ‘In this image the sungazer lizard is basking in the sun on a dry rock absorbing in the sun's heat rays.’
    • ‘1 male 1 female dwarf sungazers, female thought to be gravid now for many months, sale due to concentrating on other reptiles, £50 or swap for adult female cresties, beardies or leopard geckos.’
    • ‘It's my hope that this article will inspire other sungazer keepers to share their experiences in print.’
    • ‘Usually though, when talking about armadillo and sungazers, breeders/dealers are talking about the same thing.’