Definition of Sunday punch in English:

Sunday punch


  • A powerful or devastating punch or other attacking action.

    ‘the Belgian unleashed his Sunday punch to knock out the champion’
    • ‘All were welded into one compact, devastating fist, set to deliver the Sunday punch.’
    • ‘Chad knew Rusk was smart enough to counter his Sunday punches, expecting him to switch to an out-fighting approach.’
    • ‘Was the fan who threw it responsible for the mayhem that followed - one of the ugliest scenes in American sports history, with huge athletes wading into the seats throwing Sunday punches at fans with drinks in their hands, and also, incredibly, a few fans wandering onto the court looking for a fight with a player or two?’
    • ‘Gene Fullmer took Sugar Ray Robinson's Sunday punches for 15 murderous rounds last night [Jan.2] and then took Robinson's world middleweight title.’
    • ‘Where I come from, you save your Sunday punches for the general campaign and I just don't think Rudy will withstand the heat in the general election.’
    • ‘He survived and upon rising although taking a beating and way behind on the cards he still had the ability to mount an offense, meanwhile in the neutral corner a state of physical exhaustion had set in, coupled with the disappointment of having your opponent after taking your Sunday punches remain erect and still have some fight in him, the Doctor's mental will to fight on was gone.’
    • ‘Also, combos will likely have more success in putting someone away quickly than a series of Sunday punches, which is important considering that the longer he remains standing, the greater the risk you incur of him getting lucky and turning things in his favor.’
    • ‘All over the U.S., all last week, the Sunday punches were thrown in the last round of the 1954 political campaign.’
    • ‘That's the kind of Sunday matinee it was for leading man Moya, filled with his Sunday punches and appreciative hurrahs from would-be honeybunches.’


Sunday punch