Definition of sundae in English:



  • A dish of ice cream with added ingredients such as fruit, nuts, and syrup.

    • ‘Inside the shopping centre three young female students from Birzeit University enjoy ice cream sundaes around a small table.’
    • ‘Whipped cream adds a touch of luxury to almost any dessert and is essential for certain sweet confections such as ice cream sundaes.’
    • ‘Use it trickled over ice-cream sundaes, on pancakes, or with the banana fool above.’
    • ‘Eat the brownies plain at any meal, or make brownie sundaes with ice cream and the works.’
    • ‘Chocolate syrup on a sundae would stay put without dripping down a scoop of ice cream.’
    • ‘The next time that you bake a cake, or if you are going to make some homemade candies or serve some of those delicious ice cream sundaes, add all the chopped walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds if you wish.’
    • ‘The now ubiquitous US brownie is to be found in an ice-cream sundae with walnuts, plain fudge and ginger.’
    • ‘Even the most basic small-town market can be counted on to supply ice cream for our delectable coffee sundaes, a no-fuss dessert that, like the rest of the meal, will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your getaway.’
    • ‘With a green salad, a little wine, and ice cream sundaes, you can present a beautiful Sunday supper with little more work than it takes to turn out an ordinary weeknight meal.’
    • ‘It's a typical sundae - ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.’
    • ‘She tries eating salads, but she longs for pizza, fried chicken and ice cream sundaes, especially the ones with caramel sauce from McDonald's.’
    • ‘Everyone ordered dessert which consisted of a peach cobbler pie, three chocolate sundaes, a banana split and two tiramisus.’
    • ‘They're gambling that the lack of an ice-cream sundae or a slice of warm apple pie won't hurt their business and may actually increase it.’
    • ‘She picked up the room phone and dialed the number for room service, ordering two ice cream sundaes.’
    • ‘We could have had vanilla panna cotta with fresh raspberries, tropical fruit salad with lime sorbet, hot fudge sundae or even sticky toffee pudding.’
    • ‘My final summer there I worked at the slot car track doing everything from repairing model cars to making ice cream sundaes.’
    • ‘Come inside and I'll make you some ice cream sundaes.’
    • ‘Established in 1700, deep in the capital's medieval quarter, this is the oldest coffee shop on the island, where women waving fans and children devouring ice-cream sundaes sit beneath elaborate chandeliers.’
    • ‘Make individual pizzas for dinner, ice cream or yogurt sundaes for dessert and pancakes for breakfast.’
    • ‘Truthfully, it's their more traditional parfaits and sundaes that inspire people to queue up outside in the middle of winter.’


Late 19th century (originally US): perhaps an alteration of Sunday, either because the dish was made with ice cream left over from Sunday and sold cheaply on the Monday, or because it was sold only on Sundays, a practice devised (according to some accounts) to circumvent Sunday legislation.