Definition of sunbow in English:



  • A spectrum of colours like a rainbow produced by the sun shining on spray.

    • ‘A useful introductory chapter discusses how mountains create a rain shadow, and how to get a feel for weather by looking at clouds and sunbows.’
    • ‘We beheld an immense body of water fall two hundred and fifty feet, dashing from rock to rock, and casting a spray which formed a mist around it, in the midst of which hung a multitude of sunbows, which faded or became unspeakably vivid, as the inconstant sun shone through the clouds.’
    • ‘That makes chasing sunbows an uncertain pursuit, and the successful sighting of a sunbow all the more joyous an event.’
    • ‘When looking for images of sunbows on the web, I did see some spectral separation, but there was a large component of white light that washed out the rainbow effect.’
    • ‘It was said by some that in ‘the time of the White Buffalo’ sunbows, or whirling rainbows, would begin to appear more frequently as a sign to the people.’