Definition of sunbird in English:



  • A small, brightly coloured Old World songbird with a long downcurved bill, feeding on nectar and resembling a hummingbird (but not able to hover).

    • ‘The descriptions of sunbirds, the loving delineation of the topography of his fictional districts and the unconscious exactitude about the names of trees and plants are a hangover from Davidar's early training as a botanist.’
    • ‘There were giant sunbirds and paradise flycatchers - two of 125 bird species endemic to the country.’
    • ‘However, in West Africa, these are actually the first names of some of the birds, notably the sunbirds, which come close to being the Old World's version of our hummingbirds.’
    • ‘The other two species are birds discovered by the Danish ornithologists: the rufous-winged sunbird discovered in 1981, and the Udzungwa forest partridge, a new genus discovered in 1991.’
    • ‘Yesterday there were two brilliant emerald sunbirds looking for nectar.’
    • ‘Flocks of wintering water birds include the thrush, the kingfisher, the robin, the shama, the barbet, the bee-eater, the flycatcher, the sunbird, the bulbul and the drongo.’
    • ‘Several studies have demonstrated a concentration preference pattern that is consistent with this conjecture: in both hummingbirds and sunbirds, discriminatory ability is more precise at low that at high concentrations.’
    • ‘Some of the identifications were easy - Helmeted Friarbird, the two sunbirds, Dollarbird, Orange-bellied Fruit-Dove and Gray Crow, for instance.’
    • ‘As we walked on, beautiful Indian sunbirds, their iridescent green flanks flashing brightly in the sunlight, flew past in a profusion of colours.’
    • ‘And if the poison is killing sugarbirds, it will kill sunbirds and any other pollinators such as insects.’
    • ‘The grey-headed bulbul, small sunbird and white-belied blue flycatcher, all endemic to the region, were also spotted.’
    • ‘The transmission pole and wires would be hot property for the purple-rumped sunbirds, stunning in their emerald green, purple-maroon and canary yellow outfits.’
    • ‘He photographed many species of colourful sunbirds hovering and sipping nectar.’
    • ‘Warren et al. estimated rates of divergence for both ND3 and cytochrome b for two clades of Indian Ocean sunbirds using estimates of island age.’
    • ‘Reporting in tomorrow's issue of the science journal Nature, researchers said that when they removed the perch, it decreased the mating success of the plant because significantly fewer sunbirds came to drink nectar.’
    • ‘Although many birds visit the flowers for nectar, purple sunbirds are the only ones that forage from the legitimate position between the standard and the keel.’
    • ‘There is greater overlap between female Moreau's and Eastern Double-collared sunbirds than between males; Loveridge's Sunbird shows little overlap with the other taxa.’
    • ‘However, I stray from the purpose of our trip: birds, which were no less alluring than all the scenes mentioned above, with names such as leafbirds, bulbuls, coucals, laughingthrushes, babblers, sunbirds and junglefowl.’
    • ‘Their hosts include weaverbirds and sunbirds in Africa and Asia, as well as fairy wrens and thornbills in Australia.’
    • ‘For example, the mean flight velocity of sunbirds with cut tail feathers was just over 3 m/s faster than that of sunbirds with uncut feathers of the same length.’