Definition of sunbed in English:



  • 1A lounger used for sunbathing.

    • ‘Towels are already on sunbeds as I cross the beach to the dive centre at 7.30 am.’
    • ‘That said, I have swum with a whale shark, then made my way between the sunbeds and parasols on a crowded beach to reload my camera and gone back in to shoot another film.’
    • ‘It offers only artificial heat, and nudism is banned, but the world's newest and largest indoor theme park, in the German hamlet of Brand, is bound to be a hit with the locals: it has no less than 900 sunbeds.’
    • ‘Being tied to a single island resort will result in frustration, or a return to the sunbed and a good supply of novels.’
    • ‘When estate agency staff were sent off to southern Spain, it wasn't to lounge on sunbeds all day soaking up the rays.’
    • ‘Summer holidays to most of us mean lounging on a sunbed, watching television and taking it easy, but to 80 youngsters it could be a torturous six weeks.’
    • ‘Off-gassing, the day before flying home, I lie dozing on a sunbed on the beach.’
    • ‘There are wooden sunbeds floating round the island, chairs from the restaurants and glass smashed everywhere, bulbs from the lighting.’
    • ‘But even here, on the Island, the makeshift homes of the country's dispossessed fill every space unoccupied by sunbeds and volleyball nets.’
    • ‘She was hit by trees, sunbeds, tables, glass and there was debris everywhere.’
    • ‘They tend to remain slumped in a hammock slung between two cork trees, laid out on a bamboo sunbed under a young olive, or lounging on the luminous green strip of lawn that encircles the pool.’
    • ‘She said she had seen sunbeds, chairs and tables washed away by the waves, but had been shielded from the main force of the water.’
    • ‘But every time the sun comes out (which isn't often, believe me) the sunchairs and sunbeds come out and half our street is out sunbathing.’
    • ‘And there was I (cue terrible national stereotype) thinking it had something to do with lying on sunbeds all day…’
    • ‘Tendring District Council has cleared about 80 per cent of the rubbish away, but Mrs Knight said there is still a lot left, including two derelict caravans, engine parts, cars, water skis and a sunbed.’
    • ‘In a recent column about political correctness, I touched on the dangers of facile stereotyping, citing the Germans' reputation for monopolising sunbeds.’
    • ‘Round the pool (did I mention this is like no other campsite?) by the Fish Eagle bar, voted by the New York Times as one of the world's most romantic bars, are sunbeds to lounge in after the morning safari.’
    • ‘There is an Olympic-size swimming pool with plenty of sunbeds to go round, a well-equipped health and fitness centre overlooking the pool and plenty of other activities such as tennis, a putting green, water skiing and the like.’
    • ‘And there they were, leaving their towels on the prime sunbeds before breakfast every morning hogging the best spots without having to be there because the rest of us are too cowardly to move their stuff.’
    • ‘The grounds are a sun worshipper's paradise, with four pools for adults and one for children, plenty of sunbeds and snack bars with waiter service.’
    1. 1.1 An apparatus used for acquiring a tan, consisting of two banks of lamps between which one lies or stands.
      • ‘From the age of 15, I went on sunbeds, although my dad used to warn me about them.’
      • ‘A 22m indoor swimming-pool, a fully equipped gymnasium, sunbeds, sauna and steam room complement the programme of treatments.’
      • ‘An estimation for Swedish sunbed users even gives the annual UV dose from sunbeds as approximately equivalent to that from sun exposure.’
      • ‘But this approach encourages exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays given off by sunbeds and raises your risk of skin cancer.’
      • ‘The British Medical Association recommends that no one should use a sunbed for cosmetic purposes, although the Sunbed Association says its members abide by a code of practice which minimises risk.’
      • ‘Our equipment is highly sophisticated and our sunbeds are programmed to stop after a maximum of 15 minutes.’
      • ‘These new studies have shown that intensive exposure to the sun, or using sunbeds on a frequent basis to simulate that exposure, can trigger changes to the immune system, lowering the body's defences against skin cancer.’
      • ‘Councillors in Bolton led the way with a ban on sunbeds in 1999, when the two tanning beds at Horwich Leisure Centre were removed.’
      • ‘All lamps were operated outside the sunbeds in a horizontal position over a fluorescent lamp ballast, similar to the way in which they are used in common sunbeds.’
      • ‘Last year more than a dozen UK councils removed sunbeds from their sports and leisure facilities after officials at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health demanded a ban because of cancer fears.’
      • ‘Education has been well down the agenda and people put themselves at risk when exposed to sunlight or sunbeds.’
      • ‘Penrith Leisure Centre offers a 25-metre main pool and learner pool, fitness centre, sunbeds and sauna as well as the Eden Climbing Wall.’
      • ‘It's ironic, people use sunbeds because they think they'll look better, and yet they will probably end up looking old prematurely and possibly getting skin cancer.’
      • ‘But today, the Bolton Evening News has learned that children under the age of 16 are using sunbeds in the town, which is alarming health chiefs.’
      • ‘Most reputable beauty parlours, or fitness centers that hire out sunbeds will supply goggles, but one needs to remember that they are absolutely essential.’
      • ‘The Council operates six fast-tan sunbeds, four high performance sunbeds, four ordinary sunbeds and three facial sunbeds across the district.’
      • ‘Adopting the precautionary principle towards use of sunbeds would involve raising awareness of the potential risks, discouraging their use for cosmetic tanning, and monitoring their availability and use.’
      • ‘Dr Beck advised everyone to regulate use of sunbeds, unless for therapeutic reasons as ‘some people have found this kind of exposure useful for certain skin conditions.’’
      • ‘WHO warns against sunbeds: Sunbeds should never be used by people aged under 18 or people who tend to freckle, warns the World Health Organization.’
      • ‘Fact sheets on sun creams and protection, sunbeds and skin cancer will be distributed at the roadshow in Thirsk Market Place on Monday between 10 am and 12.30 pm.’