Definition of sun helmet in English:

sun helmet


  • A rigid hat made of cork or a similar material, worn in tropical climates.

    • ‘The legendary days of porters, gun bearers, sun helmets, and the long weary treks in search of tusks have now gone.’
    • ‘The basic shape of the toppee or sun helmet was devised well before the Indian Mutiny of 1857.’
    • ‘The sun helmet will help keep you cool by allowing air to circulate freely between your scalp and the helmet.’
    • ‘The use of the maple leaf as a regimental symbol extended back to the 1800s, and Canadian soldiers in the Second Boer War were distinguished by a maple leaf on their sun helmets.’
    • ‘Photo of my father's bush hat is attached - he told me that as soon as these were issued they sank their sun helmets in a pond because they disliked them so much!’
    • ‘Shells of the tortoises have served as baskets, pots and even sun helmets.’
    • ‘They are, if possible, equipped with sun helmets.’
    • ‘One is puggry, one of several spellings of pugaree (also pugree, puggree, puggaree), which is a scarf wound around a sun helmet.’
    • ‘Laboring in daytime heat of 120 degrees, intensified by the reflection from the white sands, soldiers were issued sun helmets and allowed to wear T-shirts at their work.’
    • ‘The regulation headgear was actually a sun helmet of the French pattern, with a yellow or white metal badge on the front.’
    • ‘Two men are wearing sun helmets, which suggest a setting in the Near or Middle East or the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘The sun helmets or topees the men were issued with were discarded almost straight away.’
    • ‘It is likely that any variation of white and blue uniforms were worn, with either straw hats or sun helmets.’
    • ‘Negatives discovered in a Kodak packet at the Green Howards' Regimental Museum in Richmond show soldiers in sun helmets and shorts, early aircraft and tribesmen.’
    • ‘He strapped on an officers's sword and placed a solar toupee on his balding pate - the standard issue tropical cork sun helmet covered with white canvas and feathers.’
    • ‘Marine recruits are drilled on the parade ground at Paris Island in the early 1940s. Note the sun helmets on the troops as they march to the cadence of the DI.’