Definition of sun hat in English:

sun hat


  • A broad-brimmed hat that protects the head and neck from the sun.

    • ‘It was one of the modem pictures (one of the ones that I thought I could have painted) of a pinkish woman in a floppy, wide-brimmed sun hat lazing back in a gondola emerging from beneath a bridge.’
    • ‘She and Christopher had been walking along the beach when her sun hat blew off in the breeze.’
    • ‘So dig out your sunglasses, surf boards, flip flops and sun hats for a party with a difference.’
    • ‘I borrowed a sun hat from Sally and took a walk in the fields, breathing in the fresh country air deeply.’
    • ‘She looked really funny with that rather large blue sun hat.’
    • ‘I bought him blue jeans, a cute shirt with a frog on it, pajamas that said: ‘I Love Mom’, a short-sleeved, yellow and blue rugby polo shirt, a beige sun hat, and blue overalls.’
    • ‘The woman, wearing a red dress and white sun hat, stopped.’
    • ‘After donning their two pieces they laid in the back garden on bright beach towels, chuckling at what they must look like, two girls lathered up with low factor oil, sun hats and discarded sarongs in a small back garden.’
    • ‘Finally, useful bits and pieces include sandals or wetsuit boots, a sun hat and suncream and sunglasses.’
    • ‘She put the dress on and found a cute sun hat to go with it.’
    • ‘Two plain clothes officers were ambling along behind a heavyset woman in a floral dress and oversized sun hat.’
    • ‘My fondest memory of the first camp is of watching four six-year-olds trying to pack their backpacks with a water bottle, lunch, sun hat, and sweater.’
    • ‘Who the hell would wear a summer dress in the autumn and a sun hat at night?’
    • ‘Some useful stuff to pack includes: camera, binoculars, sunglasses, sun hats, sunscreen and mosquito repellant.’
    • ‘In the summer months between November and April, you are advised to bring along sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen.’
    • ‘She had long since rid herself of the brown coat and sun hat.’
    • ‘A matching sun hat and sandals were located on a rack beside the wardrobe.’
    • ‘Her large white sun hat had a single black ribbon encircling the crown area.’
    • ‘I couldn't believe it, and e-mailed her back, saying that if Mars appeared that big on August 27, ‘I am prepared to eat my entire collection of sun hats, golfing caps, yamulkes, beanies and Panamas’.’
    • ‘Sun cream, sunglasses, sun hats and big smiles were the order of the day as the team stripped off for their first training sessions.’


sun hat