Definition of sun deck in English:

sun deck


  • 1The deck, or part of a deck, of a yacht or cruise ship that is open to the sky.

    • ‘There is a large saloon and sun deck, open bar (included in the charter rate) and good food and snacks throughout the day.’
    • ‘You are sitting on the aft sun deck, three stories up, sipping champagne and watching a stream of small boats following your wake like pilot fish.’
    • ‘We were in cabin 99, one of several that have been created from what used to be the captain's quarters, on the sun deck.’
    • ‘Among the facilities on board the ship are bridge cafe, library, Orpheus room (to get a spectacular view), Internet room, grill, bars, sun deck, spa and fitness centre.’
    • ‘Viking Century Sky is Viking River Cruises' largest ship to date, and includes an observation lounge, restaurant, sauna, sun deck, bar, business center, gym, shops, and beauty salon.’
    • ‘Amaryllis, which sleeps eight in four cabins, has a dining room (with Villeroy & Boch china), salon (books, games, DVDs, a stereo) and a sun deck.’
    • ‘Up top, there is a sun deck with deckchairs, a small pool, a bar and even a ‘walking track’ for those who can't bear to be idle.’
    • ‘They walked up the stairs to the open sun deck, which was already crowded with people.’
    • ‘He finds his friend sitting on the sun deck, wrapped in a blanket, even though it's a warm Spring day.’
    • ‘While it has two salon/lounges and a separate sun deck / bar, the Dancer has only a small sitting area above its main deck around the pilot house.’
    • ‘Later you can head up to the sun deck in your robe for a spa brunch and an ocean view.’
    • ‘Up on the sun deck I can take my pick from the hundreds of empty loungers there.’
    • ‘I think I'm going up to the sun deck, if you don't mind.’
    • ‘While truly avid divers can go below four to six times a day, there's abundant snorkeling, jacuzzis, sun decks and other entertainment for non-divers.’
    • ‘From the sun deck we can look out over the marina at everyone else looking at us.’
    • ‘The sun deck at the top of the ship is sheltered on three sides by glass screens and contains a small pool and an attractive bar area.’
    • ‘And even when she's under power, the soundproofing is so good it's hard to tell unless you actually go up to the sun deck to check how many sails are up.’
    • ‘Divers disperse about the boat, toasting on the sun deck, snoozing in the shade, chatting to the crew as they fish off the stern with handlines.’
    • ‘This wasn't a problem for us, however, because we were on the luxury liveaboard Kona Aggressor II, where waiting meant curling up in a warm bunk or just watching the night sky from the sun deck.’
    • ‘I'm alone on the sun deck again watching the mist rise off the water.’
  • 2North American A terrace or balcony positioned to catch the sun.

    • ‘Now it appears the tree has fallen on her sun deck.’
    • ‘There is off-street parking as well as a Japanese-style garden to the front, while the large back garden includes a sun deck, mature apple trees and a lawn.’
    • ‘In an expensive property it might be an idea to put in a timber sun deck, they are all the rage at the moment.’
    • ‘Each has two bedrooms, a fireplace, a sun deck with barbecue and a fully equipped kitchen - very deluxe, but without a hint of pretension.’
    • ‘Stepped seating rose like amphitheatres from the sun decks around the pool, so that it became an arena in which the swimmers took centre stage.’
    • ‘And also check out the resort's Clay Cabana, with four mud baths, massage treatment rooms, steam baths and a sun deck.’
    • ‘Upstairs was Jak's bedroom, the one bathroom, the utility closet, and the staircase up to the sun deck.’
    • ‘The Sheraton Commander Hotel includes a Harvard Square location, fitness center with sun deck, and newly renovated rooms.’
    • ‘Before a relaxing soak, get pampered with a Honey Coco Mango Scrub or the Florida C Facial, or enjoy a light spa lunch while lounging on one of two sun decks or on your own private terrace.’
    • ‘Half of the structure will extend above the water's surface for sun decks and observatories.’
    • ‘It also features a master bedroom suite with sun deck and an indoor-outdoor pool.’
    • ‘The breakfast area includes a Yeoman wood-burning stove set in a brick recess from where double doors open onto a sun deck.’
    • ‘A council employee I spoke to yesterday said we'll be confined to things like relining a room or putting in a sun deck.’
    • ‘In the great room, which was furnished using only on-line sources, cozy sofas face a dramatic tile-faced fireplace while comfortable wing chairs look out to the sun deck and Pike's Peak.’
    • ‘The fenestration shifts from one end of the buildings to the other and so do the sun decks on the upper floors.’
    • ‘For sun decks, purchase 1 ‘x 2 ‘welded wire fencing, get it in a 3-foot or 4-foot width, depending on how high the deck is above the ground.’’
    • ‘A pine door with stained glass panelling at the back of the room leads to a raised sun deck in the rear garden.’
    • ‘The 66 suites are self-contained and overlook the gardens and large swimming pool complete with jacuzzi, sun deck and wooden sala.’
    • ‘To help bring Erskine's apartments back into scale with the rest of the development sun decks, terraces and balconies have been added to all apartments, protruding from many different areas that help lose the flat facade of the blocks.’
    • ‘In addition, there are the de rigueur swimming pools, like the narrow lap pool Lindy Roy designed to enter the house as part of a water zone incorporating a steam room, sauna and private sun deck.’


sun deck