Definition of sun bear in English:

sun bear

(also Malayan sun bear)


  • A small, mainly nocturnal bear that has a brownish-black coat with a light-coloured mark on the chest, native to SE Asia.

    Helarctos malayanus, family Ursidae

    • ‘Other animals photographed included elephants, sun bears, porcupines, clouded leopards, wild dogs, and panthers.’
    • ‘Smaller animals - sun bears, monkeys and macaques - can be rehabilitated at rescue centres with the hope of returning them to the wild.’
    • ‘The sun bears and sloth bears (also included in the Ursus group by many scientists) also have as many differences as similarities.’
    • ‘Rowena saw monkeys, zebras, elephants, a group of vivid but lazy sun bears.’
    • ‘There are several different types of bears, including the Asiatic, sun bears, brown, grizzly, black, Kodiak, sloth, giant panda and polar bears.’
    • ‘A glass case held four skulls, which Galbreath identified as those of sun bears.’
    • ‘For these animals, as well as another 45 moon bears and 14 sun bears, 50 macaques, 30 gibbons, 10 crocodiles, 4 binturongs, and 200 dogs, Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Center is essentially a well-appointed refugee center.’
    • ‘The tiny sun bear picked her way through the chairs and tables and stood next to Wendy.’
    • ‘The illegal logging destroys the habitat of rare species such as orang-utans, Sumatran rhinos, and sun bears.’
    • ‘The lineages leading to the remaining species - the brown bear the black bear the sun bear and the sloth bear - first became distinct 5-7 M.Y.B.P.’
    • ‘So, as Sun Hean translated, we asked our hosts, ‘Is the animal a sun bear or a moon bear?’’
    • ‘There was also difficulty when a confiscation team was going to confiscate a sun bear owned by Alfred, who was then running an ‘animal show’ in Sleman.’
    • ‘Environmentalists warn that Borneo's wild orang-utans, sun bears, and clouded leopards could be wiped out in 10 to 20 years, as well as countless other species.’