Definition of sumptuously in English:



  • See sumptuous

    • ‘The King Is Dancing is occasionally richly acted, always sumptuously photographed and choreographed, but ultimately an empty cinematic experience.’
    • ‘These ladies of the court of Charles II, painted mostly by the Dutch immigrant Sir Peter Lely, admittedly had the advantage of youth, opulence and being clad more sumptuously than in Rembrandt's fusty studio properties.’
    • ‘This sumptuously illustrated, elegantly designed history of the organization's first two decades is a bit short on text, but the book abounds in visual allure.’
    • ‘Disney animator Ward Kimble definitely untangles our sense of how brilliantly devised our world is by offering a dizzyingly inventive and sumptuously coloured alternative in an excerpt from 1957's Mars and Beyond.’
    • ‘It really is sumptuously gorgeous music, and, thus, almost impossible to single out highlights.’