Definition of summertime in English:



  • The season or period of summer.

    ‘in summertime trains run every ten minutes’
    • ‘I was tempted to use the oven, but decided it would be foolish to use the oven in the summertime before a party.’
    • ‘Blowing bubbles was always a favorite pastime during the summertime.’
    • ‘You can also see free movies and concerts at Harbourfront in the summertime.’
    • ‘They are very common in the summertime, especially with crape myrtles and citrus trees.’
    • ‘Since that's the case, public safety programs should not be limited just to the summertime.’
    • ‘During summertime, especially in Saint Petersburg, the ducks and geese love to swim.’
    • ‘Cold weather was much better than the intense, sickly feeling that occurred in the summertime.’
    • ‘Well the study we did was a very short treatment, just three weeks of intensive treatment in the summertime.’
    • ‘In the summertime, its sheltered sun terraces are alive with open air entertainment from jazz bands to children's shows.’
    • ‘He lives here during the summertime, and during part of the winter.’
    • ‘His visits home were limited to the summertime and different breaks throughout the school year.’
    • ‘We all get caught up in our own glass-walled worlds, especially during the summertime.’
    • ‘As it was the summertime, all the windows in the train were open.’
    • ‘They were in the back corner near a bush that would have been full of roses in the summertime, and they were talking.’
    • ‘In the summertime, they head for open water where females scatter the eggs and males fertilize them.’
    • ‘If ever in Vegas in the summertime make it a point to stop at Pink Beach!’
    • ‘Stella always knew who we were and would ask after my grandparents even though we were only there in the summertime for a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘The Gulf is always hot in the summertime, but apparently this was a banner year for the heat index.’
    • ‘That's the hardest thing for me, to keep the weight on during the summertime.’
    • ‘Most people don't realize that the only way you can show improvement in the season is by doing it in the summertime.’