Definition of summer season in English:

summer season


  • The period in summer when most people take holidays.

    ‘Bala is a big tourist attraction in the summer season’
    ‘Turkey has a long summer season’
    • ‘Gnome Magic reopens to the public for the summer season from 10 am on April 27.’
    • ‘Owners can use the property for two weeks in the summer season and six weeks during winter.’
    • ‘The hall is now open for the summer season with guided tours available.’
    • ‘They also have the ability to survive in the long summer season when daytime temperatures are very high and relative humidity is low.’
    • ‘Winchester's historic youth hostel will close at the end of the summer season, the Daily Echo can reveal.’
    • ‘It was a welcome tourist attraction at the end of the summer season.’
    • ‘With the summer season beginning to roll around for another year, this week looks particularly light on the corporate news front.’
    • ‘Some of the biggest names in comedy have been lined up for the 2004 summer season on Blackpool's North Pier.’
    • ‘There is usually a good selection of charter flights direct from the Scottish airports to Mallorca during the summer season.’
    • ‘Last year saw a record number of biker deaths on North Yorkshire roads, with many coming during the summer season.’
    • ‘The summer season is race season, which is never really out of fashion.’
    • ‘Possibilities being considered include employing someone to control access over the summer season or closing off the ramp.’
    • ‘I'd love to show you a photograph of the place, but the museum is currently closed until the start of the summer season in April.’
    • ‘Apparently the pub turns away hundreds of potential bookings over the telephone every week during the peak summer season.’
    • ‘Although his records were destroyed in the fire, he said he could remember the 2005 summer season was already booked.’
    • ‘He was performing during the summer season in Aberdeen when he began to notice the same person sitting in the front row once or twice a week.’
    • ‘If this happens, then quite apart from the misery it will cause animals and their owners, the area will be shut off for the whole of the summer season.’
    • ‘The impromptu industrial action could cost BA millions of pounds as it struck at the height of the peak summer season.’
    • ‘It is the first sign that the silly summer season is upon us and adult moviegoers can head for the sanctuary of a good book or the local art house.’
    • ‘When I worked at Vogue, it was a key element of the summer season, alongside Henley or having your highlights done.’