Definition of summer pudding in English:

summer pudding


mass nounBritish
  • A pudding of soft summer fruit encased in bread or sponge.

    • ‘In Britain redcurrants are essential for the making of at least one delicacy, summer pudding; and redcurrant jelly is a fine accompaniment for lamb and other meats.’
    • ‘And there's still summer pudding left - considering how much it cost, I'm glad it's lasting a while.’
    • ‘The good news is it makes a great kitchen doorstop, and is just the right weight for holding down a summer pudding or pressing a paté.’
    • ‘Plus English desserts - summer pudding is a favourite with both French and English guests.’
    • ‘A summer pudding is traditionally made with red- and blackcurrants and raspberries, but this is your pudding so you can put all sorts of other things in it.’
    • ‘Proper summer pudding should be weighted and left overnight for the juices from the raspberries, red and blackcurrants to soak through the bread.’
    • ‘I went for the summer pudding and fresh cream which was delicious and fruity but I did keep looking at their dishes of thick chocolate brulée with its topping of crisp, crackly caramel.’
    • ‘Veal and mushroom stew and roast guinea fowl, Welsh rarebit and pigs in blankets, summer pudding and gooseberry fool - each title more alluring than the next.’
    • ‘I think the rest will go into summer puddings and, when frozen, some crumbles.’
    • ‘Lili passed on dessert, but I couldn't resist the summer pudding with Yorkshire cream.’
    • ‘I'd probably want to follow it with my mother-in-law's trifle or wonderful summer pudding.’
    • ‘Classic summer pudding is made with stale bread but it is much better made with store bought pound cake or brioche.’
    • ‘Finally, as a reward for eating so much, the kitchen sent out a complimentary summer pudding with lush, homemade vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘You can also make a bread-lined summer pudding with rhubarb and bananas.’
    • ‘Among the dessert offerings, all of which were priced at £4.50, were such treats as lemon posset with whipped cream and shortbread fingers, and summer pudding with whipped cream in a filo pastry basket.’
    • ‘One list of these contains such favourites as cheesecake, warm apple pie, fudge cake, sherry trifle, summer pudding and banana split.’
    • ‘Pupils at a Chorley high school will soon be getting their just desserts, after healthy summer puddings they developed go on the school's menu.’
    • ‘The chocolate truffle torte with raspberries was an elegant offering, combining the virtues of a good British summer pudding with those of a silky French chocolate marquise.’
    • ‘When it comes to the classic British summer pudding, he suggests, ‘You can make it in a big pudding basin for a more homely style, or use individual ramekins.’’
    • ‘Haddock wrapped in Parma ham and spinach, rib-eye steak with garlic butter, summer pudding or gooseberry crumble are typical.’


summer pudding