Definition of summarily in English:



  • In a summary manner; without the customary formalities:

    ‘she was summarily dismissed’
    • ‘The fact that it was so quickly and summarily rejected by the Court of Appeal would indicate that that was not the case.’
    • ‘The four rogue traders have been summarily dismissed, as has their immediate supervisor.’
    • ‘By all accounts, the court had a hard time quelling the resulting laughter and the judge summarily dismissed the case.’
    • ‘The outcome is a slap in the face for thousands of people who took part in a household survey asking for their views only to find them summarily disregarded.’
    • ‘Little Jack is kidnapped in bizarre circumstances and summarily returned with the ransom money untouched.’
    immediately, instantly, right away, right off, straight away, at once, on the spot, directly, forthwith, promptly
    speedily, swiftly, rapidly, expeditiously, without delay, without hesitation, suddenly, abruptly
    arbitrarily, without formality, without notice, without warning, peremptorily, without discussion, without due process
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