Definition of sulphurization in English:


(also sulfurization) (British sulphurisation)


  • See sulphurized

    • ‘In cognisance of these facts, therefore, it occurred to me to test whether electricity is developed at all during the sulphurization of either of these metals.’
    • ‘The experimental work involves obtaining the crude residue; oxidation of distillation residue, sulphurisation of crude residue and blending.’
    • ‘One of his compounds also called for a quantity of golden sulphuret of antimony, presumably to assist in the sulphurization, and a small amount of tannic acid.’
    • ‘Therefore, significant quantities of carbohydrates reached the sea bed and were subsequently preserved by sulphurization and result in a significantly increased carbon sequestration to the sea-floor sediment.’
    • ‘This sulphurisation step prior to catalysis proper can be carried out in different manners.’