Definition of sulphuric acid in English:

sulphuric acid

(also sulfuric acid)


mass noun
  • A strong acid made by oxidizing solutions of sulphur dioxide and used in large quantities as an industrial and laboratory reagent. The concentrated form is an oily, dense, corrosive liquid.

    Chemical formula: H₂SO₄

    • ‘In this manner, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other acidic substances change the usual pH of rain from its normal value of 5.6 to a value between 2.1 and 4.5.’
    • ‘The pair had been polishing off rough edges of metal from the inside of the stainless steel cylinder using an electro-plating process of pumping electricity through a solution of sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid.’
    • ‘Ethanol can be chemically oxidized using a mixture of concentrated sulfuric acid and sodium dichromate.’
    • ‘This material was incorrectly termed nitrocellulose and was created by a reaction between nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and cellulose.’
    • ‘Holmes returned to his bench and quickly replaced the hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and sodium carbonate to their proper storage locations.’
    • ‘Sgt Pete Scholley said the spillage was a combination of diluted forms of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.’
    • ‘The alloy also resists sulfuric acid and pure phosphoric acid.’
    • ‘This is usually achieved via the addition of an inorganic acid, such as sulphuric acid across the double bond, followed by cleavage of the sulphate group, which illustrates the integration of the chemical industry.’
    • ‘Generally, however, carboxylic acids are not as chemically active as the nonorganic mineral acids, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘Your lungs may be exposed to pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘It is formed when emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen and oxidants to form various acidic compounds, such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid.’
    • ‘Oxidizing acids such as nitric acid or strong sulphuric acid cannot be handled with copper alloys.’
    • ‘Another characteristic of most metals is that they liberate hydrogen gas when they are reacted with dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘Gavin examined how earthworms reacted to different chemical, including sulphuric acid, potassium nitrate and copper sulphate, by adding them to soil samples.’
    • ‘Typically, more than a trillion cubic feet of the element are produced in the United States alone each year, making it the second most important industrial chemical after sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘Hydrogen chloride is prepared by reacting sodium chloride (common table salt) with concentrated sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘If excess methanol is heated with concentrated sulfuric acid one molecule of water is eliminated form two molecules of methanol to produce dimethyl ether.’
    • ‘Although Earth and Venus are very similar in size, mass and density, Venus is enshrouded in a thick layer of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid that traps heat in and leads to extreme warming.’
    • ‘If the alcohol (with the exception of methanol) is heated with aluminum oxide, phosphoric acid or excess sulphuric acid, an alkene is formed along with a molecule of water.’
    • ‘Organic sulfates are esters and are formed by reacting an alcohol with cold sulfuric acid or by the reaction of sulfuric acid with a double bond in an alkene.’


See sulphur


sulphuric acid