Definition of sulphuretted hydrogen in English:

sulphuretted hydrogen

(also sulfuretted hydrogen)


  • archaic term for hydrogen sulphide
    • ‘A weak smell of sulphuretted hydrogen and sometimes chlorine gas is noting at Severo-Kurilsk.’
    • ‘When the level of the sulfureted hydrogen is low, it smells like rotten eggs; when its level becomes higher, we cannot smell the gas because our sensory nerves will have been numbed.’
    • ‘All three workers were killed by sulfureted hydrogen while clearing a sewage well.’
    • ‘Allow the precipitate to subside; add to it, with the aid of heat, nitric acid until no sulphuretted hydrogen is given off.’
    • ‘It is known that hydrogen sulphide or sulphuretted hydrogen is a foul-smelling, toxic, inflammable, corrosive and explosive gas.’


sulphuretted hydrogen