Definition of sulphur candle in English:

sulphur candle

(also sulfur candle)


  • A candle containing sulphur, burnt to produce sulphur dioxide for fumigation.

    • ‘If there are no plants in the greenhouse at all then a sulphur candle is as good a way of sterilising everything.’
    • ‘An additional source of elemental sulfur in juice is sulfur candles, used by some vintners to disinfect barrels.’
    • ‘Dating back to the fifteenth century, wine traders burned sulfur candles in their wine barrels prior to filling them.’
    • ‘Also, if you want to set off a sulphur candle in your greenhouse, now's the time to do it.’
    • ‘Smoking an empty bottle with a sulfur candle to sterilize it requires them to list sodium sulfite on the label.’
    • ‘When bats return to a house with regularity, they can be driven out by burning a sulphur candle.’
    • ‘Later, barrels in Bordeaux were routinely sterilised by having sulphur candles burned in them.’
    • ‘As far as sulfite is concerned, its use dates all the way back to Roman times, when they would burn sulfur candles in the barrels before adding wine.’
    • ‘Eventually, burning sulfur candles became commonplace for people in attempts to repel mosquitoes, gnats and other nuisance flying insects.’
    • ‘Scatter moth balls about or burn sulfur candles to evict them and then seal entrances with hardware cloth to prevent re-entry.’
    • ‘The Romans burned sulfur candles inside barrels before filling them, as did the British and Dutch a millennia later.’
    • ‘They also introduced the French to the stabilizing effects of sulphur candles (known in French as allumettes hollandaises for many years), and encouraged the production of distilled liquors, based on both grain and grape.’
    • ‘I will try a predatory mite next year on the tree and maybe the sulphur candle for the shed.’
    • ‘The Greeks and Romans knew that sulfur acted as a preservative and regularly burned sulfur candles in their barrels.’
    • ‘Buy two sulphur candles for every room to be fumigated, and, having lit them, shut up all windows and doors, and stuff all crevices in the doors with cotton batting.’
    • ‘In a moment they were standing in a dim sickroom, lit by three or four sulfur candles placed here and there, reeking with disinfectant.’
    • ‘Sulfur and sulfur candles were burned by our great-grandparents for every conceivable purpose, from bedbug fumigation to the cleansing of a house just removed from quarantine of smallpox.’
    • ‘By the 18th century sulfur candles were regularly used to sterilize barrels used in Bordeaux.’
    • ‘I can dimly remember lying in bed, awaiting an ambulance, and seeing yellow sulphur candles burning on the mantelpiece.’
    • ‘In ancient times sulphur candles were burned in the barrels to allow the fumes to sterilise them.’