Definition of sulphonate in English:


(also sulfonate)


  • A salt or ester of a sulphonic acid.

    • ‘Thus, small organic molecule 3-propane sulfonate, one of the agents to improve the recovery of membrane proteins, was used as the template to induce the bR molecules to be self-assembled in the processing.’
    • ‘The sulfonate groups on each molecule are likely to stand on opposite directions to reduce repulsion.’
    • ‘Metal ions may form insoluble complexes with the sulfonate groups of the dye, thus reducing the amount of available dye, while calcium interferes with interactions between cellulose and the dye.’
    • ‘This strain is characterized by its ability to utilize an exceptionally broad range of organosulphur compounds as the sole sulphur source during in vitro growth, including many aromatic and aliphatic sulphonates and sulphate esters.’
    • ‘Because the salts of these ions and the alkane sulfonates and alkyl hydrogen sulfates are largely water soluble, the detergent remains dispersed in the water.’


[with object]Chemistry
  • Convert (a compound) into a sulphonate, typically by reaction with sulphuric acid.

    ‘these sulphonated cross-linked polystyrene resin beads are now used in all softening plants’
    • ‘Amino acid analyses were carried out by ion exchange chromatography on sulphonated polystyrene resin linked to divinyl benzene.’
    • ‘Either a sulfonated Alcian blue stain or Congo red stain was used in the initial evaluation for amyloidosis.’
    • ‘This short summary demonstrates the diversity of substrates used by SOT proteins in addition to the identical co-substrate PAPS, and the broad spectrum of physiological processes where sulphonated compounds are involved.’
    • ‘Grubb built a prototype cell, using a sulphonated polystyrene resin similar to that used in water softeners, and patented the idea in 1955.’
    • ‘Some examples of neutral electrophiles are ozone, Lewis acids, sulfonating agents, halogenating agents, and peracids.’