Definition of sulphamic acid in English:

sulphamic acid

(also sulfamic acid)


mass nounChemistry
  • A strongly acid crystalline compound used in cleaning agents and to make weedkiller.

    Chemical formula: HOSO₂NH₂

    • ‘In September 2002 Carlson sent samples of this material to Dan Behnke, who etched them with sulfamic acid to remove the calcite.’
    • ‘When the calcite was dissolved with dilute sulfamic acid, it was noted that white semitranslucent florets of datolite occurred on the crystalline copper.’
    • ‘The R1 working reagent contains 85 mmol / L of sodium acetate buffer, 110 mmol / L of sulfamic acid, surfactant, and ‘solubilizer.’’
    • ‘All of the crystallized copper was enclosed in calcite, which was etched away with a sulfamic acid solution.’
    • ‘It wasn't until a few days later, when the copper specimens had been cleaned in a sulfamic acid solution, that we realized what we had found.’


Mid 19th century: sulphamic from sulphur + amide + -ic.


sulphamic acid