Definition of sulphamate in English:


(also sulfamate)


  • A salt or ester of sulphamic acid.

    • ‘The use of ammonium sulphamate in gardens or for commercial use must cease by 22 May 2008.’
    • ‘Spray it with Root Out, or any stump killer containing ammonium sulphamate (which is not the same as ammonium sulphate!)’
    • ‘The pectic fraction was quantified by a modified sulphamate / m-hydroxyphenyl assay.’
    • ‘The dates for withdrawal of plant protection products containing ammonium sulphamate are given below.’
    • ‘The nickel sulphamate contained in an aqueous solution is especially suitable for electroplating technology since it is for the most part free of foreign ions and amorphous nickel sedimentations.’