Definition of sullage in English:



mass noun
  • 1Waste water from household sinks, showers, and baths, but not waste liquid or excreta from toilets.

    • ‘During heavy rains the streets and even houses get flooded with knee-deep sullage water, bringing along with it snakes, crabs and insects.’
    • ‘Sewer lines, which would have otherwise emptied the sullage into the nearby Virugambakkam canal, are overflowing as the canal is in spate and there is hardly any movement of water.’
    • ‘The sullage will be treated at Sadar Bazar near Church Baloon Road, powerhouse, Lohali and Kathlag.’
    1. 1.1archaic Refuse, especially sewage.
      rubbish, waste, debris, litter, garbage, discarded matter, detritus, dross, landfill, scrap, rubble, slag, spoilage, sewage, slop
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Mid 16th century: perhaps from Anglo-Norman French suillage, from suiller ‘to soil’.