Definition of sukiyaki in English:



mass noun
  • A Japanese dish of sliced meat, especially beef, fried rapidly with vegetables and sauce.

    • ‘Dinner usually brings tofu in a pot dish such as sukiyaki or yosenabe.’
    • ‘They may also be added to ‘one-pot’ dishes such as sukiyaki, or be fried as tempura.’
    • ‘There is a Japanese station with Miso soup, assorted sushi and sashimi (and Miss Terry's favourite wasabe) as well as sukiyaki, yakisoba and tempura.’
    • ‘North Korean soldiers were hardened, seasoned, and rugged compared to U.S. troops, who were soft from easy living on sake, sukiyaki, and fraternization during the occupation of Japan.’
    • ‘Other specialities to relish were Thai dishes like ‘Had Phad King’ and ‘Phad Phongari’, besides Japanese delicacies such as vegetable tampura and sukiyaki.’
    • ‘Japanese beef is typically pricier than imports, and often reserved for delicacies like sukiyaki - thin strips of marbled meat boiled with vegetables.’
    • ‘In Japan, mitsuba is added fresh or cooked to soups, salads, sukiyaki, sashimi, tempura batter, custards, rice, and vinegared foods.’
    • ‘The Japanese cuisine, as served in the Yamato, is authentic with the various styles covering sashimi, sushi, sukiyaki and tempura items, plus many others such as yaki soba, a favorite of the golfing guru Mike Franklin.’
    • ‘The bill for my first meal, at the bar - with the Kobe-beef sukiyaki - was exactly the same.’


Japanese, from suki ‘to slice thinly’ + yaki ‘to fry, grill, sear’.