Definition of suited and booted in English:

suited and booted


  • Smartly dressed.

    ‘where's he going this time of night, all suited and booted?’
    • ‘He dumps her, only to have the entire debacle blow up in his face as she shacks up with his apparent nemesis: A suited and booted, married professional.’
    • ‘I was appropriately suited and booted.’
    • ‘If you're serious about your work, then you have to act professional - though not as far as getting suited and booted, unless it's with a knowing wink.’
    • ‘Every cross section of the populace was there, from suited and booted city types to parents with their children in push-chairs.’
    • ‘"We couldn't believe it when these three men all came in suited and booted."’
    • ‘They make their daily commute into work on the train among the suited and booted bound for another day at the office.’
    • ‘It's the season to get suited and booted and there's a suit for everyone.’
    • ‘While the suited and booted clientele make their way home from such events, however, the parties in the pubs are just beginning to enter into the spirit of things.’
    • ‘Clambering up he opened the door to a man suited and booted.’
    • ‘How long before we see him, suited and booted, addressing the Tory conference on the dangers of low-interest rates?’
    • ‘Media personnel and vehicles rushing to and fro, scaffold platforms being erected, the security services beetling about suited and booted wearing solemn expressions and the police doing their utmost to keep the ever growing crowds in some sort of order.’
    • ‘They may be suited and booted in the video, but the song is anything but respectable.’
    • ‘So y'all leave the house suited and booted, neat and complete from the head to the feet.’
    • ‘The rest were suited and booted, meeting the corporate paymasters and generally celebrating.’
    • ‘I went out this morning suited and booted, with a bag full of CV's.’
    • ‘Out of overalls and newly suited and booted, I hardly recognised him on the platform at Waverley Station.’
    • ‘They are all suited and booted.’
    • ‘I'd wear army pants and trainers some days and then jeans some other days and then I'd be all suited and booted at other times.’
    • ‘Once suited and booted, he began his uphill battle against recidivism.’
    • ‘You don't need to be suited and booted to break into business.’