Definition of suite in English:



  • 1A set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose.

    ‘a suite of reception rooms’
    • ‘Three extra consulting and treatment suites are set to be built at the South Woodham Ferrers health clinic, which should allow more patients to be seen in the town.’
    • ‘As well as a ground floor brasserie seating 50 there is a more formal 110-seater restaurant on the first floor and private dining rooms and suites above that.’
    • ‘Students often have free access to university equipment and editing suites.’
    • ‘Your loft could be transformed into a new bedroom, bathroom, office study or a suite of rooms.’
    • ‘Throw in a playroom for kids and a sitting room in the master suite, and before long a house for a family of four has enough living space that no one need ever interact with another again.’
    • ‘The hotel will be the first Radisson Edwardian outside London and will have two presidential suites, 18 junior suites and 115 deluxe rooms when it opens in 2004.’
    • ‘We slept in a family suite, with two single beds in the bedroom for Gabrielle and Matthew and a pull-down double bed in the lounge for my wife and me.’
    • ‘We shared a ‘state room,’ which was actually a suite with a common room, a bathroom, and two smaller bedrooms for us at either side.’
    • ‘I arrived on Friday night and met with Jerome and one of his associates in a suite of production offices they had reserved for our purposes on the old Columbia Studio lot in Hollywood.’
    • ‘She has worked in all parts of Wythenshawe's maternity department, from the ante-natal ward to the delivery suite and special care baby unit.’
    • ‘There is now a suite of rooms at Burnley General Hospital where families who have suffered a bereavement can stop over, away from the maternity unit where they used to have to stay.’
    • ‘The suites include a Tivoli suite, seven deluxe suites, 18 courtyard suites and 11 superior rooms.’
    • ‘The club's two hospitality suites were brimming full with corporate guests.’
    • ‘But like all good design, it is functional as well, with training and conference suites as well as office accommodation, a library, an organic café and a retail area.’
    • ‘Upstairs there's a game room, a play space, a master suite (with sitting room), three bedrooms, and three baths.’
    • ‘In fact, one of the new rooms will be a suite, with living room, bedroom and loft, as well as a fireplace and a private deck.’
    • ‘It has its own staff quarters, a leisure suite, library, spiral staircases and a turret - this home is well worth three lifelines’
    • ‘That warm feeling grew when we saw our accommodation: a modern, purpose-built chalet with 10 family suites and a fully equipped nursery.’
    • ‘The kitchen area, which will serve smaller suites of dining rooms, is extensive enough to ensure that guests will not be eating sandwiches.’
    • ‘We wanted to please the people in the executive suites.’
    apartment, flat, set of rooms, suite of rooms
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    1. 1.1 A set of coordinating furniture.
      ‘there is plenty of space for a dining table and a three-piece suite’
      • ‘A star attraction was a bedroom suite designed by Royal furniture maker David Linley which sold for £19,200.’
      • ‘It was equipped with a chimneypiece and once had a suite of rustic furniture.’
      • ‘For those who came of age with Habitat, he offered alternatives to the dreaded three-piece suites, armchairs with antimacassars and standard lamps with tasselled shades.’
      • ‘With this it purchased some new furnishings, including a suite of furniture and bed mattresses.’
      • ‘Travel furniture from chairs, tables and bookcases to bedroom suites, was in much demand in the late 18th and 19th centuries.’
      • ‘Many of the furniture suites and individual items are imported but for the past twenty years, the Cane Shop has also manufactured a range of its own pieces.’
      • ‘The Leather Sofa Company is now the premier arena in the South East for leather sofas, suites, armchairs, recliners and the new vogue - suede and leather cube poufs.’
      • ‘In one corner there is a suite of furniture grouped around a stylish coffee table and state-of-the-art television, with a screen that would not be out of place in any Cineplex.’
      • ‘Paul Highsmith said the rubbish outside his premises was not his and that people continued to dump items such as beds, furniture suites and other household waste.’
      • ‘If you ordered the suite of furniture in response to an advertisement in Ireland, the Irish courts have jurisdiction over the matter.’
      • ‘As well as providing a top class upholstery service they also supply sofas, couches, arm chairs and suites made to the customer specifications.’
      • ‘Originally part of a suite of furniture that included ten armchairs, it is now the only surviving one from the group.’
      • ‘In this exhibition, Shed Sutra, Andrew has made a suite of furniture from recycled materials that explore the role of tools in the creative process.’
      • ‘There are satellite dishes, suites of furniture for sale on the pavements, brightly lit shops selling everything.’
      • ‘The family's purchases from Courts in Staples Corner, London, included a dining table and four chairs, a coffee table, a lamp table, a three-piece suite and a bed.’
      • ‘An example is the suite of ebonized furniture he made for John Taylor Johnston about 1860.’
      • ‘These included five TV sets, two luxurious lounge suits, two plush dining room suites, an executive bedroom suite and artworks.’
      • ‘In Victorian times, by contrast, even mid-level officers began to take whole suites of campaign furniture with them.’
      • ‘The gallery still houses one of the finest surviving suites of Regency giltwood furniture made to commemorate Lord Nelson and his victories.’
      • ‘There is space for a three-piece suite and work desk, so the room could be used as a family room or study.’
  • 2Music
    A set of instrumental compositions, originally in dance style, to be played in succession.

    • ‘There were suites of dances before, but never one so unadorned in a theatrical sense that became such an emotional journey.’
    • ‘Taylor's Black Tuesday is a suite of dances set to popular songs from the Great Depression.’
    • ‘The ballet-loving Parisians were given a 20-minute suite of dances at the start of Act Three, which is a harem scene.’
    • ‘He didn't stop at that since he came back to ‘Raymonda’ one more time, in 1973, to create a suite of dances to honour Melissa Hayden at her retirement gala.’
    • ‘In this delightful suite of dances the full range of his talent is on display.’
    • ‘My piece, ‘Fire,’ from the suite Dance of the Elements, was a tribute to Fuller's old one.’
    • ‘Partitas are simply suites of dances, although we shall quickly see that Bach's dances aren't meant for court or rustic dancers.’
    • ‘The performance of the ballet suite Les Deux Pigeons by French composer Andr Messager was particularly successful; perhaps this idiom is one in which the orchestra feels most secure.’
    • ‘It includes a suite of dances from the ballet Paquita which have been reproduced for the company by two stars of the Kirov, Nikita Shcheglov and Veronika Ivanova.’
    • ‘What is the general mood that will prevail in the expression of a Kathak dancer throughout a whole dance suite?’
    • ‘His division of works into dance suites and more serious music is essentially the same as Corelli's distinction between sonate da camera and sonate da chiesa.’
    • ‘And a suite of modern dances was performed by Santa Clara University students.’
    • ‘This wonderful suite of dance movements features a variety of styles, such as swing, tango and ragtime.’
    • ‘A sinfonia and a final entrée for dancing conclude the suite.’
    • ‘Brooks Bruzzese perfectly delineated the sentimentality of Holst's Air and brought high spirited pulse to the suite's concluding Dance.’
    • ‘The evening's finale was Dances from Napoli, one of Bournonville's most popular suites of dances.’
    • ‘The first was a lengthy, absorbing narrative; the second, a suite of traditional songs and dances.’
    • ‘The suite included two couples in Calliope House, the dance called the Reel of Four and considered the oldest Scottish dance formation.’
    • ‘Usually, recordings of the score cut it down to a suite of five dances.’
    • ‘In the first year of her tenure, ten years before her death, Primus staged Excerpts From an African Journey, a suite of traditional dances.’
    1. 2.1 A set of selected pieces from an opera or musical, arranged to be played as one instrumental work.
      • ‘One of the focal pieces of the performance will be a suite by young Grahamstown composer Gareth Walwyn, in commemoration of Youth Day - 16 June.’
      • ‘This is followed by Respighi's The Birds, an orchestral suite which took wing on the basis of pieces written by other composers.’
      • ‘You come away from the recording of these two complete suites with great respect for the young Frenchman's musicality and technical facility.’
      • ‘The programme will be something of a surprise comprising of a fantasy by Telemann, a suite or partita by Bach and Barry Guy's ‘Inachis’.’
      • ‘Prokofiev fashioned a suite of six pieces resembling a classical divertimento, but one laced with dissonances, evoking Stravinsky's Octet.’
      • ‘All sections are given titles, as though the composer had envisaged the work as a suite of character pieces.’
      • ‘Her idea was to rearrange the songs into a suite of contemporary classical arrangements that could be performed by a modernist chamber orchestra.’
      • ‘Now with a new CD of his orchestral music, including a 1996 orchestral suite at opus 231, some idea of his industry is apparent.’
      • ‘He finished most of the rest (including the original piano piece) as an orchestral suite during the Thirties.’
      • ‘He encroached on such EMI memorabilia as Menuhin in the Elgar concerto, Artur Schnabel in the Beethoven sonatas and Casals in the Bach suites, which had never fallen out of print.’
      • ‘And as a godless agnostic/atheist I always have the strongest reaction to the final piece in the suite, Neptune, The Mystic.’
      • ‘Though they were written for different instrumental combinations, and four separate performing groups, Lang has combined the pieces into a suite.’
      • ‘Spring Songs, the little suite of five pieces for treble recorder that opens this disc, lives up to its title.’
      • ‘The late musicologist Christopher Palmer tried to promote this score by arranging a suite from it.’
      • ‘The beginning, end, and main notes of a musical suite are determined by the maqam.’
      • ‘They reshape the festive polyrhythms of a village, a street sound, a rhythm-and-blues tune, or a folk melody into solos, suites, and symphonies.’
      • ‘The CD contains a short string quartet movement, a suite of four pieces for brass quintet, and solo pieces for piano, trombone, and cello.’
      • ‘It is interpolated from two of his suites for orchestra.’
      • ‘In the second half of the concert, the symphonic suite Carelia by Jean Sibelius and Symphony No.4 in d-moll by Robert Schumann were performed.’
      • ‘In any case, there are more compelling - musical - reasons why the suite, as Holst conceived it, stands alone.’
  • 3A group of people in attendance on a monarch or other person of high rank.

    ‘the Royal Saloon was built for the use of the Queen and her suite’
    • ‘At twelve precisely of that day, Queen Victoria and her suite entered London, coming from Scotland where she had been residing for some time.’
    • ‘On Saturday, 22nd, His Royal Highness, after visiting several of the public buildings of the city, accompanied by his suite, took his departure from Chicago by the same car that had brought him.’
    • ‘His flight was arranged for during one of the king's long marches when the party had stopped for the night at a farm-house; and the king and his suite occupied a barn, and the prince and his attendants slept in another at some little distance.’
    retinue, entourage, train, escort, cortège, royal household, court, company, following, staff
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  • 4Computing
    A set of programs with a uniform design and the ability to share data.

    • ‘Sales to mobile phone operators are developing well in Europe and the company continues to develop its suite of products.’
    • ‘Towards the end of the 1980s, standard test program suites were developed to measure processing speed.’
    • ‘At times like this, a suite of office software with a word processor, a spreadsheet and a selection of other handy office tools comes into its own.’
    • ‘With the 6310i you get a CD with a suite of PC programs which lets you make backups of data and settings.’
    • ‘Everyone seems to like the word processor, but other useful parts of the suite include a drawing program and a presentation package.’
    • ‘The Entercept suite is designed to prevent host computer attacks by providing a driver that operates at the kernel level of an operating system or web server.’
    • ‘Test house Schaffner EMC has developed a software suite that can be configured to handle any combination of electrical emission and immunity tests.’
    • ‘Huawei can provide access to a strong suite of data-networking products, such as routers and switches, through its joint venture with 3Com.’
    • ‘All the programs in the suite have a coherent design, even when you start getting into their more complex settings, and it's in this usability that McAfee is head and shoulders above any of its rivals.’
    • ‘Tumbleweed offers these solutions in three comprehensive product suites: MailGate, SecureTransport, and Validation Authority.’
    • ‘You also get the Palm suite of organiser and productivity software which you can sync with your PC or Mac via USB.’
    • ‘The set includes a suite of automatic test programs which are said to be simple to run and give users full flexibility to tailor test applications in their own specific requirements.’
    • ‘QMTP is a supplemental suite of programs designed for moving mail over slow connections.’
    • ‘The suite contains the key programs you're likely to need, including word processor and spreadsheet software.’
    • ‘Soon Scient is expected to announce a new suite of consulting products intended to help its clients navigate the next economy.’
    • ‘The company also creates innovative advertising programs that include a suite of digital marketing tools, called ProfiTools.’
    • ‘Over the years, IBM Lotus has developed a broad suite of collaborative applications designed to run as part of its core groupware platform.’
    • ‘The financial suite of products is in particular demand, she added, but older technologies such as C + + have fallen largely by the wayside.’
    • ‘For most computer users, Office is the familiar suite of word-processing, spreadsheet, and e-mail software that they use every day.’
    • ‘By 1998 he had developed a suite of programs covering aspects of various forms of light microscope, some of which are used to teach medical students.’
  • 5Geology
    A group of minerals, rocks, or fossils occurring together and characteristic of a location or period.

    ‘potassic rock suites are a characteristic feature of the area’
    • ‘Evaporites undergo changes on burial owing to reactions between interstitial brines and previously deposited salts to produce new suites of minerals.’
    • ‘The island contains a suite of rocks deposited in a forearc setting to the west of a magmatic arc, formed as the Pacific plate was subducted beneath Antarctica.’
    • ‘We also describe, as a case study, a suite of these rocks from the Antarctic Peninsula.’
    • ‘The subalkaline character of the magmatic activity, combined with the prevalence of acidic effusive rocks, is characteristic of an orogenic suite developed on continental crust.’
    • ‘Of the three resulting rock suites, the East Hill suite is the youngest, the most geochemically evolved, and the subject of this investigation.’


Late 17th century: from French, from Anglo-Norman French siwte (see suit).