Definition of suicide watch in English:

suicide watch


mass noun
  • The regular or continuous monitoring of a person, especially an inmate of a prison or hospital, who is considered to be at risk of committing suicide.

    ‘his depression got so bad that he had to be hospitalized and put on suicide watch for three days’
    • ‘He is under suicide watch in a city jail.’
    • ‘When asked if he was on suicide watch, his attorney confirmed that he has been under "close observation."’
    • ‘She spent the weekend on suicide watch before being transferred back to an all-female jail where she will remain until sentencing.’
    • ‘My depression and anxiety got so bad that I had to be hospitalized and put on suicide watch for three days.’
    • ‘Friends have spoken of the need for a suicide watch on the sportsman as he spends the next four months preparing for his court appearance.’
    • ‘An inquest heard he was taken to Rochester young offenders' institution, Kent, where he took his own life despite being on hourly suicide watch.’
    • ‘Not every cell in a prison - where sentences are served - or jail - where inmates are awaiting trial - is made suicide resistant, just the ones that are going to be used for suicide watch.’
    • ‘Doctors told us Matthew would be put on suicide watch, which reassured us because we felt something positive was being done at last.’