Definition of sugarless in English:



  • See sugar

    • ‘The cheapness of sugar creates an incentive for food manufacturers and retailers to sell consumers more of it in more formats, and drives sugarless foods out of the market.’
    • ‘If you need a quick fix, chew sugarless gum after meals.’
    • ‘Small glass mugs of steaming hot, sugarless coffee with a strong and pleasant aroma, turned out to be just as popular among the golfers, as the tall glasses brimming over with frothy ice cold, sweetened coffee.’
    • ‘And yet if you go into a U.S. supermarket, you see aisle after aisle of fat-free foods, of sugarless foods, of foods devoted to people who are trying to lose weight.’
    • ‘If you say you have been advised to avoid sugar, the boy is sent out again for sugarless tea, and he brings it within minutes.’