Definition of sugariness in English:



  • See sugary

    • ‘Floral and herbal notes lingered on the finish, reminiscent of a fine Japanese green tea, alongside a sugariness closer to refined sugar or syrup rather than the usual caramel/toffee flavour.’
    • ‘However, in order to enjoy this film, you have to be willing to accept a certain amount of sugariness, melodrama, and predictability.’
    • ‘There's a moistness to the cake and a welcome salty edge to the marzipan that cuts through the sugariness.’
    • ‘The movie goes its mostly quiet, low-key, sentimental way without sugariness.’
    • ‘The sugariness of the potato mingled quite comfortably with the fresh shrimp, and overall this was a memorable dish that worked the sweet/salty crossover with style.’