Definition of sugarbird in English:



  • 1A southern African songbird with a long, fine bill and very long tail, feeding on nectar and insects.

    Genus Promerops, family Promeropidae (or Meliphagidae): two species

    • ‘Marilyn took good care of ‘Spike’ the hummingbird and the swarming flock of sugarbirds.’
    • ‘Gurney's Sugarbirds were seen close to Lydenburg on some flowering sugarbush; the sugarbirds were concentrated in a small patch of habitat because a recent fire had destroyed the rest.’
    • ‘We describe an experimental study of the effect of tail-length on sexual selection in Cape sugarbirds and orange-breasted sunbirds.’
    • ‘Review of ‘Sunbirds - A guide to the sunbirds, flowerpeckers, spiderhunters and sugarbirds of the World’, by Robert A. Cheke, Clive F. Mann and Richard Allen, 2001.’
    • ‘Protea itch mites are known to hitch rides on sugarbirds and sunbirds in order to feed on flowerheads of sugarbushes.’
    • ‘We have been investigating the consequences of flying with elongated tails in swallows, pheasants, magpies, sunbirds and sugarbirds.’
    • ‘A single sugarbird can visit and potentially pollinate as many as 300 protea flowers in one day.’
    • ‘The recent discovery of blood parasites in South African sugarbirds, identical to those present in Australian honey-eaters and never previously recorded on the African continent, was revolutionary.’
    • ‘All erect proteas are pollinated by sugarbirds, which visit the flowers for their nectar.’
    • ‘This is the first book since the nineteenth century to cover all 176 of the world's nectarinidae - sunbirds and spider hunters, flowerpeckers and sugarbirds.’
    • ‘And if the poison is killing sugarbirds, it will kill sunbirds and any other pollinators such as insects.’
    • ‘The flowers are thus perfectly advertised to nectar-eating sugarbirds who pollinate the flowers.’
    • ‘The sugarbirds were present throughout the year, and nested extensively in the proteas in April and May.’
    • ‘The migration corridors used by the Cape sugarbirds and orange-breasted sunbirds include the path from the Swartberg Mountain’
    • ‘Physical characteristics: Cape sugarbirds have rufous head and breast.’
    • ‘Cape sugarbirds Promerops cafer and proteas, particularly along their range limits, are an example of this.’
  • 2West Indian

    another term for bananaquit