Definition of sugar lump in English:

sugar lump


  • A small cube of compacted sugar used especially for sweetening hot drinks.

    • ‘Drawing a parallel with the polio vaccine being administered in a sugar lump, the research could lead to all immunisation becoming completely painless.’
    • ‘We all played with it - Glen was feeding it sugar lumps!’
    • ‘Place the coffee beans and sugar lumps into a coffee grinder, blitz until coarsely ground.’
    • ‘Another success was the sugar lump stacking competitions which saw the winner achieve a double stack totalling 122 cubes.’
    • ‘They are on stage four times each performance this week and contentedly spend the long intervals between appearances in a pen, receiving frequent visitors - and sugar lumps!’
    • ‘Giving a vaccine on a sugar lump or as a drink will make the administration much better.’
    • ‘Helen Baxendale does this great thing, right, of drinking a cup of tea and then picking out the half-melted bits of sugar lump, popping them in her mouth and crunching them.’
    • ‘I remember the vaccinations, the sugar lump for polio, in a large room.’
    • ‘It takes place on the Maidan, the dusty central park, on which stands the Victoria Memorial, a monument that looks as if a mad confectioner had decided to build the world's largest structure out of sugar lumps.’
    • ‘Tea arrives in small cups, with sugar lumps on the side.’
    • ‘Some virologists, including Albert Sabin, whose sugar lump OPV was adopted for use the world over, acknowledged this fact in their publications.’
    • ‘Emily added two sugar lumps to the cup of tea and passed it to Mr. Wheatwall.’
    • ‘You place the sugar lump in your mouth and then start sipping the tea, I have been told.’
    • ‘The last three I have eaten have been like sucking a sugar lump.’
    • ‘Even so, I can't help wondering how any piece of confectionery can survive in today's world when it is crowned with half a pound of crushed sugar lumps.’
    • ‘‘A friend once told me that in times of crisis, the best thing to do is put another sugar lump in your tea,’ says Toner.’
    • ‘Chris had a major six-hour operation at Leeds General Infirmary to remove the tumour which was the size of a sugar lump.’
    • ‘On a trip to France at that time, I discussed it over dinner with a French doctor as he chewed his way through 15 sugar lumps waiting for our hors d' oeuvres.’
    • ‘Examples are a glass of fruit juice that contains sugar, sugar lumps, chocolate, biscuits, a handful of sweets, glucose tablets or dextrose gel (such as Hypostop Gel).’
    • ‘There are cafes everywhere - old man places with dank wood paneling, and young lady places with stained glass lamps and fancy sugar lumps.’


sugar lump