Definition of sugar kelp in English:

sugar kelp


mass noun
  • A large brown seaweed with a long crinkly blade-like frond that grows up to 3 m in length and young stems that are edible.

    Lactaria saccharina, class Phaeophyceae

    • ‘The delicate plumose anemones have been replaced in the shallows by long strands of sugar kelp.’
    • ‘The sugar kelp is sometimes referred to as ` poor man's weather glass’ because in the past it was hung up to forecast the approaching weather.’
    • ‘Other plants that are often found associated with eelgrass meadows include sugar kelp and bootlace weed, together with burrowing animals such as razor shells and heart urchins.’
    • ‘Completely broken up, the plates and crossbars are covered in sugar kelp and perfect for snorkel exploration as well as diving.’
    • ‘Folklore says that hanging a sugar kelp frond at home can be used it to forecast the weather.’
    • ‘In more rocky lagoons, communities of fucoid wracks (Fucus spp.), sugar kelp (Laminaria saccharina), and red and green algae are also found.’
    • ‘When young the sugar kelp can grow up to 6 to 9 feet long and 8 inches wide.’
    • ‘He collects a species called sugar kelp, so named because it is coated with a sweet, white substance when dried.’
    • ‘What I'd really like is some sea lettuce, sugar kelp and oarweed.’
    • ‘The sugar kelp or sugar wrack is a big brown seaweed of the low-water level and below.’
    • ‘The sunlit port side is a forest of sugar kelp and the shaded starboard side a garden of delicate anemones and tunicates.’
    • ‘Laminaria saccharina is called sugar kelp because when it dries a white sugary substance develops on the surface.’
    • ‘Hopkins rigs a grapple and winch over the gunwale and pulls up a long, crinkly mass of yellowish sugar kelp.’