Definition of sugar gum in English:

sugar gum


  • An Australian eucalyptus with sweet foliage which is attractive to cattle and sheep.

    Genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae: several species, in particular E. cladocalyx

    • ‘Sugar gum coppices readily and many of the sugar gum shelterbelts in western Victoria have been cut and coppiced at least twice.’
    • ‘A CSIRO study rated sugar gum to be in many ways superior to redgum and slowly perceptions are changing.’
    • ‘One time when we were living in a small town, Hopetoun, I heard the sound of a chainsaw, and the council guys were chopping down the sugar gums near the road.’
    • ‘A grove of large old sugar gums is situated on the north side of Campus Drive between Palm Drive and Quarry Road.’
    • ‘These included animal fats, oils, beeswax, sugar gum, bitumen, and pine tree resins.’
    • ‘Near Fir Street several more sugar gums are used in order to shut out unsightly objects.’
    • ‘The pines represent the crosses and the sugar gums fill in the spaces.’
    • ‘Over the next fifty years or so, the Council continued to plant sugar gums in the streets and in Stirling Square, making them a notable characteristic of the town.’
    • ‘But the remaining sugar gums are a mute testament to RPPG's persistence in looking after Royal Park's trees.’
    • ‘With careful management, termite control and appropriate pruning, the newly planted sugar gums will last as a street tree for between 50 and 70 years.’
    • ‘Most native trees never rise above becoming a post, pole, pallet or woodchip, yet so many of them have the capability to become - like sugar gum - fine furniture.’
    • ‘Since March, the processional caterpillars have stripped at least 8km of big sugar gums, some 80 years old.’
    • ‘So that means securing nesting habitat, like the sugar gum wood hollows, and maybe sussing out areas where we can put up supplementary sites.’
    • ‘Not only does sugar gum cut a fine figure, but it is also easy to machine, has high strength and density, and a Class 1 durability rating.’